Lupe León Sánchez

Guadalupe León Sánchez

PhD Student


Working as a predoctoral fellow with Jose Ignacio Querejeta, Fernando Maestre and Emilio Nicolás at CEBAS-CSIC and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos since October 2011.

  • Master of Conservation, Management and Restoration of Biodiversity, University of Granada (Spain), September 2011
  • Degree in Environment Sciences, University of Murcia (Spain), September 2010
  • Erasmus at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo (Italy), March 2010
  • JAE-intro fellowship at CEBAS-CSIC. September 2009

Research interests

I am interested in plant ecology and biodiversity, mainly in plant interactions, ecosystem functioning and responses of plant communities to environmental factors (climate change, abiotic stress, etc).


León-Sánchez L., Nicolás E., Nortes P., Maestre F.T., Querejeta J.I., 2016. Photosynthesis and growth reduction with warming are driven by non-stomatal limitations in a Mediterranean semiarid shrub. Ecology and Evolution, 6(9): 2725-2738.