Fieldwork in the Turrilla catchment

We have made a short video about our activities in one of our field locations. In the Turrilla catchment we do research on the dynamics of water and sediment. The video shows some of the tasks we perform at this field site. Enjoy!

Una 'inyección' de vida a los suelos murcianos

Newspaper article explaining our research

Today a newspaper article was published in a regional newspaper from Murcia (‘la Verdad’) explaining our groups work on the assessment and evaluation of aspects of desertification, climate change and possibilities of adaptation and mitigation through sustainable land use and management strategies in semiarid environments of SE Spain.

For the full article click here or see la Verdad (spanish).


New twitter account!

The Soil Erosion and Conservation Group has a new twitter account @CEBAS_SWC

(CEBAS_SWC = Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura_Soil Water Conservation).

We started tweeting yesterday and our community managers are Lupe León and Joris de Vente. Follow us!

La cantera de la ciencia

Introduction to research for High Schools

Our group together with other research groups at CEBAS has iniated an educational research project with several High Schools of the Region of Murcia.

Three students 16 years-old will develop a research project within our group during 8 months, they will study the changes in soil properties and their capacity for carbon sequestration under different conservation practices applied in one of our experimental farms in dryland agricultural systems of the Region of Murcia. We will work together from the field to the laboratory and they will present their results in a small Congress that will celebrate in CEBAS at the end of May 2014. This project represents a new way to introduce science in educational programs and an interesting opportunity to bring closer the value of local agro-ecosystems to younger generations.


Soil erosion documentary

Soil erosion documentary for Hong Kong television

Hong Kong journalists visited us during October to film in our experimental station farm of “Alhagüeces”. They are working in a documentary on soil erosion that will explain soil erosion processes and its drivers in the loess belt of China, Southeast Spainand CapeVerde islands. In Spain they were filming in Almeria under the guidance of Albert Solé of the EEZA-CSIC and in Murcia we visited our experimental farm of “Alhagüeces”.There they made several interviews to scientists and farmers explaining thesoil erosion situation in the Murcia region and the work that we are doing together with the farmers on soil conservation measures. The documentary will be shown in December in a popular chinese television channel.