PhD awards Cristina Moreno-Gutiérrez

We are proud to inform that Cristina Moreno-Gutiérrez was awarded two prestigious prices for her PhD thesis in 2014:

  1. Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  2. VIII Premio Ibérico a la mejor tesis doctoral en investigación sobre Relaciones Hídricas de las Plantas, otorgado conjuntamente por las Sociedades Española y Portuguesa de Fisiología Vegetal

Her thesis entitled ‘Plant water use strategies in natural and afforested pine woodlands of the semiarid Iberian SE (Estrategias de utilización del agua por las plantas en pinares naturales y de repoblación del sureste ibérico)’ can be downloaded from here.

Congratulations Cristina!

Una 'inyección' de vida a los suelos murcianos

Newspaper article explaining our research

Today a newspaper article was published in a regional newspaper from Murcia (‘la Verdad’) explaining our groups work on the assessment and evaluation of aspects of desertification, climate change and possibilities of adaptation and mitigation through sustainable land use and management strategies in semiarid environments of SE Spain.

For the full article click here or see la Verdad (spanish).

PhD defence Joris Eekhout

PhD defence Joris Eekhout

On Friday 9th May our colleague Joris Eekhout successfully defended his PhD thesis at Wageningen University (The Netherlands).

His PhD thesis is entitled: “Morphological Processes in Lowland Streams – Implications for Stream Restoration”.

The full text of the thesis is freely available by clicking here.

Follow Joris Eekhout on Twitter for recent research updates and visit his homepage for his research background and publications.

New paper in open Discussion (HESS)

A new study by our group is now under open discussion in open access Journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences:

Boix-Fayos et al., Coupling sediment flow-paths with organic carbon dynamics across a Mediterranean catchment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions. Open discussion until 10th of July 2014.

You are very welcome to participate in the discussions!

Matthew Zustovic

Visiting MSc student University of British Columbia

Matthew Zustovic, who is completing his Masters in Forest Sciences from the University of British Columbia, will be working at our group for the next 3 Months, supervised by Nacho Querejeta.

He will be monitoring the regeneration capability under projected moisture and temperature regimes of 5 at-risk or endangered shrub species endemic to the region. Matt’s responsibilities will include monitoring emergence, growth, and survival of these species in a controlled growth chamber experiment as well as data collection in the field.

More about Matt’s experience in Spain: link

Visiting BSc student Wageningen University

Starting 18th February 2014, Dina El Filali, a bachelor student from Wageningen University, will stay at our group for a period of 3.5 months to work on her bachelor thesis project on characterization of gully systems using staitistics and fractal geometry.

During her stay she will be supervised by Joris de Vente.

PhD defense Pedro Cutillas

PhD defence Pedro Cutillas

On Friday 8th November our colleague Pedro Cutillas defended succesfully (cum laude) his PhD thesis entitled: “Modelización de propiedades físicas del suelo a escala regional. Casos de estudio en el Sureste Ibérico” (Modelling physical soil properties at a regional scale. Study cases in the Iberian SouthEast).

Congratulations Pedro!

You can access all the thesis of this research group through the links in the dissertations section.

La cantera de la ciencia

Introduction to research for High Schools

Our group together with other research groups at CEBAS has iniated an educational research project with several High Schools of the Region of Murcia.

Three students 16 years-old will develop a research project within our group during 8 months, they will study the changes in soil properties and their capacity for carbon sequestration under different conservation practices applied in one of our experimental farms in dryland agricultural systems of the Region of Murcia. We will work together from the field to the laboratory and they will present their results in a small Congress that will celebrate in CEBAS at the end of May 2014. This project represents a new way to introduce science in educational programs and an interesting opportunity to bring closer the value of local agro-ecosystems to younger generations.


Modelling physical soil properties at a regional scale. Study cases in the Iberian SouthEast

PhD defence Pedro Pérez Cutillas

Next Friday 8th November at 11:00h, our colleague Pedro Pérez Cutillas will defend his PhD in the room “Sala Jorge Guillen”, Facultad de Letras (Campus de la Merced), Murcia.

Pedro is a geographer specialized in developing applications based on GIS and modelling, his PhD thesis is entitled:

“Modelización de propiedades físicas del suelo a escala regional. Casos de estudio en el Sureste Ibérico” (Modelling physical soil properties at a regional scale. Study cases in the Iberian SouthEast).

We wish you good luck with your PhD defense!