Prof. Juan Albaladejo

Juan Albaladejo

Full professor (CSIC)

Assistant lecturer (University of Murcia)


Ph.D. in Chemistry (Soil Science), University of Murcia

Research interests

Soil science with special attention to soil and global change in arid and semiarid areas, soil degradation and rehabilitation, carbon sequestration, sustainable soil use and management.

Current research projects and activities

  • PI of the project Carbon sequestration mechanisms in semiarid soils according to land uses and management practices (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)
  • Lead Author for Chapter I (iv): Land, of the Global Environmental Outlook 5 (GEO-5). (United Nations Environmental Programme.)
  • Co-supervisor of the PhD Thesis: “Soil fertility as a driver of vegetation structure and functioning in semiarid areas”.
  • Member of the research team in the project Impact of management practices on erosion and the carbon cycle in Mediterranean semiarid areas (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

Selected publications

Albaladejo, J., López, J., Boix-Fayos, C., Barberá, G.G., Martínez-Mena, M. 2008. Long-term effect of a single application of organic refuse on carbon sequestration and soil physical properties. Journal of Environmental Quality 37, 2093-2099

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