Dr. Elvira Díaz Pereira

Elvira Díaz Pereira

Tenured scientist (OPIs), since 2000

Between 2000-2007 at IRNAS-CSIC, Sevilla.

From 2008-present at CEBAS-CSIC.

Background and former positions

Assistant lecturer (University of Murcia), 11/98-03/99

MEC contract at CEBAS-CSIC, 10/95-07/98

MEC Postdoctoral Fellow at King´S College London, 1993-95

PhD in Biology, CEBAS-University of Murcia, 1992.

Degree in Biology, University of Murcia, 1987

Research interests

Evaluation and monitoring of soils in agricultural and natural areas in the semiarid Mediterranean.

Soil degradation and rehabilitation.

Plant-soil interrelationships

Selected publications

de la Rosa D., Anaya-Romero, M., Díaz-Pereira E., Heredia, N.,Shahbazi, F. 2009. Soil-specific agro-ecological strategies for sustainable land use – A case study by using MicroLEIS DSS in Sevilla Province (Spain). Land Use Policy, 26 (4): 1055-1065.

de la Rosa D., Díaz-Pereira E., Mayol F., Czyz E.A., Dexter A. R., Dumitri E., Enache R., Fleige H., Horn R., Rajkai K. y Simota C. 2005. SIDASS project – Part 2. Soil erosion as a function of soil type and agricultural management in a Sevilla olive area, southern Spain. Soil & Tillage Research, 82 (1): 19-28.

de la Rosa, D., Mayol, F., Moreno, F., Cabrera, F., Díaz-Pereira, E., Antoine, J. 2002. A multilingual soil profile database (SDBm Plus) to implement land use and management decision support systems. Environmental Modelling & Software, 17: 721-730.

Díaz, E.; Roldán, A.; Castillo, V., Albaladejo, J. 1997. Plant colonization and biomass production in a Xeric Torriorthent amended with urban refuse. Land Degradation and Development, 8: 245-255.

Thornes, J.B., Shao, J.X., Díaz, E.; Roldán, A., McMahon, M., Hawkes, C.J. 1996. Testing the MEDALUS hillslope Model. Catena, 26: 137-160.

Díaz, E.; Roldán, A.; Lax, A. y Albaladejo, J. 1994. Stable aggregates formation in a degraded soil with urban refuse and peat amendments. Geoderma, 63: 277-288.