Dr. Joris Eekhout

Postdoctoral researcher


PhD in Environmental Science, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands

MSc in Civil Engineering with specialization in Water Engineering and Management, Twente University, Enschede, the Netherlands

Research Interests

Since 2015 I’m working as a postdoctoral researcher at CEBAS-CSIC and focus on the impact of climate change and landuse change on hydrology and soil erosion in Mediterranean environments. I have developed a coupled hydrology-soil erosion model (SPHY-MMF), which I have applied in several impact assessments in the Segura River catchment. I did my PhD in the Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management group at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). During my PhD I focused on the morphodynamics of lowland streams, within the setting of stream restoration. In this period I collected field data at several field sites in the Netherlands and Poland. I also applied hydraulic models to simulate the flow of water in small lowland streams.

Follow my research updates through: @JorisEekhout and www.joriseekhout.com

Selected Publications

Eekhout, J.P.C., de Vente, J. 2022. Global impact of climate change on soil erosion and potential for adaptation through soil conservation. Earth-Science Reviews 226, 103921.

Eekhout, J.P.C., Millares-Valenzuela, A., Martínez-Salvador, A., García-Lorenzo, R., Pérez-Cutillas, P., Conesa-García, C., de Vente, J., 2021. A process-based soil erosion model ensemble to assess model uncertainty in climate change impact assessments. Land Degradation & Development, 32 (7), 2409-2422.

Lassaletta, L., Sanz Cobena, A., Aguilera, E., Quemada, M., Billen, G.F., Bondeau, A., Cayuela, M., Cramer, W., Eekhout, J.P.C., Garnier, J., Grizzetti, B., Intrigliolo, D., Romero, E., Ruiz-Ramos, M., Vallejo, A., Gimeno, B.S., 2021. Nitrogen dynamics in cropping systems under Mediterranean climate: a systemic analysis. Environmental Research Letters, 16 (7): 073002.

Eekhout, J.P.C., Boix-Fayos, C., Pérez-Cutillas, P., de Vente, J., 2020. The impact of reservoir construction and changes in land use and climate on ecosystem services in a large Mediterranean catchment. Journal of Hydrology 590, 125208.

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