DIGITAL SUMMIT: From river to coast – Collaboration to restore coastal and rural areas

GLF (Global Landscapes Forum) Digital Summits are conversations with global leaders, experts and influencers on the world’s most pressing issues. Join us for this Digital Summit, which we will address the potential benefits, limitations and challenges of participatory modelling as a methodology to co-create scenarios promoting coastal-rural synergies.

Participatory approaches to map and model system dynamics can help to create mutual understanding of appropriate collective action for ecosystem restoration initiatives. But in contexts with active resource or value system conflicts, this can be a challenging task.

In particular, three examples of ongoing projects in Spain, India, and Portugal will be presented: 1) the Mar Menor coastal lagoon and its contributing catchment area, as part of the COASTAL project; and 2) the Ria de Aveiro coastal lagoon and Lower Vouga River Natura2000 sites and 3) A project with farmers about groundwater management in India.

Update: You can now watch the recording in the following link!

This Digital Summit is hosted by GLF and initiated by J. de Vente and J. Martínez-López as partner in the  ENABLE consortium and COASTAL project.